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Academic Opportunities

125+ majors and 90+ minors

Discover new academic opportunities.

Roll up your sleeves and engage in research.

Unmatched Academic Breadth and Depth

With more than 3,900 courses, 125 majors and 109 departments, it’s natural for new students to have lots of questions. We have you covered.

  • Herb Alpert School of Music

  • School of the Arts and Architecture

  • School of Theater, Film and Television

  • Undergraduate Research Center – Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

  • Visual and Performing Arts Education (Minor)

  • Undergraduate Research Center – Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

  • Undergraduate Research Center – Sciences

Your Voice Will Be Heard

2 out of 3 undergraduate classes have fewer than 30 students. 

Innovative First-Year Curriculum

Choose from hundreds of projects and seminars designed to help freshmen transition into college-level work, engage with faculty in small groups and explore new academic fields.

Cluster Programs

Cluster Programs are yearlong interdisciplinary courses that focus on a timely topic, such as “environment and sustainability” or “interracial dynamics.”

students chatting in a classroom
UCLA students meet President Obama

Fiat Lux students meet President Obama for "Hope, Change and Fist Bumps: Young Americans and the Obama Presidency."

Fiat Lux

Fiat Lux is the cornerstone of our innovative undergraduate curriculum. Learn from the expertise of our faculty through meaningful discussions on a range of topics.

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